The history of Baron Herx     Edward H. Goldenthurt

    The history of Baron Herx is a bleak and dark one, if I say so myself. It all starts in Hamlet, a mining town with a big and flourishing industry (at the time, of course). A man called Baron Herx was the mayor of Hamlet, and he promised the people of Hamlet jobs and security, but in reality overworked and taxed them heavily. The reason for this was for Herx's own enjoyment. Baron Herx was reported to be a rather nasty man. "Not even human" A citizen was recorded saying. "He can't be human, no human could possibly be this evil. Lords above help us if so."

    After a while, the citizens of Hamlet grew tired of this. They mined (literally) all day and night, for a king who demanded gold in a mine that only produced copper. So, they came up with a plan. They would tell Herx they struck gold at the bottom floor of the mine. Upon his arrival, they would lock up the mines, leaving him to die there and the people of Hamlet to take their city back. The plan worked, but not forever.

    Nobody knows what happened to Baron Herx down in the mines. It is likely he went mad and killed himself. In any case, upon his death, Herx's pure hatred for everything lower than him and lust for revenge kept him alive and remade him a higher being, known as a Lich. A lich is a reanimated being that has the power of the Hells within them, and can summon creatures and demons. Herx summoned an army of darkness to break down the mine walls, and killed the citizens of Hamlet.

    The Baron was too removed from civilization to return to the surface. Today, he stays down in the bottom of the mines, waiting for risk-seeking adventurers or lost humans to find him so he can feast on them. There are still humans who are descendants of the survivors of the Hamlet incident who have set up civilization in the mines, and live moderately happy. But things will never be the same.

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