Lusty goblin maid volume 1 Act 1

*Scene opens with view of comfy Goblin den, with a sexy goblin in a maid outfit sweeping the tables*

Goblin: Hey sweety, come over here for a second, would ya?

Maid: Yes mister! What can I do you for?

Goblin: *Lustful smirk* a few hours.

Maid: I'm sorry sir?

Goblin: Oh, nothing. I need you to sharpen my stick. I'm going to fight some miners soon and I need my stick all pointy and hard.

Maid: How shall I ever sharpen this spear? It's so...long, and hard. Surely I'll have to soften it first?

Goblin: Just moisten it up a bit with some spit then, it should be good.

Maid: Oh my, it's just so long I doubt I can get it sharp enough.

Goblin: *Content smile* Ooooh, it's sharp enough, my dear. More than you know.

                               SCENE ----------------------------------------------------------------

Lusty goblin maid volume 1 Act 2

Goblin: Dearest maid, I request your... assistance. Maid: Yessir! What do you need?

Goblin: I need you to...clear out my chimney.

Maid: Oh, but it's so deep and cavern-like, how shall I ever reach up there?

Goblin: Just work your sweet, succulent green hands up on in that dark hole of mine and work your way around with that rod.

Maid: Oh alright then sir.

Goblin: Oh wow, you really know your way around here.

Maid: Well obviously, I've spent hours up in this hole of yours.

Goblin: I can tell. Oh wow, I feel a build up about to explode at the tip! Work it harder!

Maid: I'm working it as hard as I can master!

*Eruption of white smoke and dust emerges from top of chimney*

Goblin: You are magic with your hands, I tell you what.


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