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The Tinkering Kit is a utility item first introduced to Barony in the free content update paralleling the Legends and Pariahs DLC. With it, a player with sufficient Perception and Tinkering skill can reduce items into scrap, construct various mechanisms and either upgrade or repair previously created mechanisms.


A Tinkering Kit is a small black toolbox with metallic brown trim, with a handle on top. It can be held in the player’s shield slot, allowing for quick scrapping of items in the world by holding the Shielding button and right-clicking on the item of interest. When holding down the Shielding button, left clicking with the kit out will open the crafting menu without having to access the inventory to do so.


Scrap is the material used for crafting, repairing, and upgrading mechanisms and traps within the Tinkering Kit’s crafting interface. It is collected by salvaging items from the dungeon to their most basic components, and allow for said scrap to be incorporated into any mechanism the player sees fit.

There are two types of Scrap, Metal Scrap and Magic Scrap. Metal Scrap is commonly generated from non-magical items such as weapons, armor and so forth. Magic Scrap comes from magical items, such as spellbooks, staves, scrolls, as well as cursed or blessed items.


Crafting is the main asset of the Tinkering Kit, where scrap resources are used to create mechanisms, bombs and various tools. When opening the Tinkering interface, the UI displays kit condition and options of crafting, salvaging and repairing.

Crafting options open up as the player increases their Tinkering skill and Perception stat. A combination of those two values determine what items, as well as the quality of workmanship for Mechanisms, can be produced by the player.

Robots and Mechanisms[]

Mechanisms are a group of complex contraptions which are created by the Tinkering Kit and employed by the player inside the dungeon. There are a wide variety of mechanism types, ranging from basic distractions to more complex Sentrybots which target and attack enemies at a distance.

A majority of these mechanisms are unified by their unique set of tiering, allowing a player to upgrade their mechanisms (given sufficient resources and Tinkering skills) to better versions. Most mechanisms also serve as rooted allies, having health of their own and a set of commands when interacted with after placement.


Bombs are a group of explosives that can be tossed in a similar fashion to Mechanisms, with the added bonus of latching onto walls or destructible objects such as furniture, doors or chests. Once an enemy is in close proximity, the bomb will detonate, releasing its payload in a small area around itself. Detonation preference can also be changed by using a Lockpick.

The effect of bombs when detonating depends on the type of bomb being activated, with some dealing damage directly to the target, while others inflict status effects which can subdue or deter enemies which set them off.


Besides crafting mechanisms or bombs, there are a good number of miscellaneous tools which can be crafted from the Tinkering Kit at varying levels of skill and costs of scrap. They are often very cheap to create and modify the player's other mechanisms.

Crafting Guide[]

Numerical Value Tier Numeral
0 None .
1-19 Novice I
20-39 Basic II
40-59 Skilled III
60-79 Expert IV
80-99 Master V
100 Legendary VI
Image Crafting Output

Scrap Costs Metal : Magical

Tinkering Skill Tier
Charge fire.png
Flame Trap 8 : 12 Skilled
Charge freeze.png
Freeze Trap 12 Basic
Charge sleep.png
Sleep Trap 4 : 8 Basic
Charge teleport.png
Teleportation Trap 8 Skilled
Dummy box.png
Dummybot 4 Basic
Decoy box.png
Noisemaker 1 Novice
Gyrobot 16 12 Basic
Crossbow sentry.png
Sentry bot 16 8 Skilled
Magic sentry.png
Spellbot 16 Expert
Beartrap 12 0 Novice
Backpack 20 : 4 Master
Alembic 16 16 Expert
Lockpick 0 Novice
Pair of Glasses 4 Novice
Lantern 4 Basic
Bottle empty.png
Empty Bottle 2 Novice


Akin to the Scroll of Repair, the Tinkering Kit can also be utilized to repair tools, weapons, armor, and most other items which can degrade over repeat usage at the cost of scrap. This aspect is often reserved to players with high levels of Tinkering proficiency, making its use niche but a powerful asset when acquired and mastered.