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 Usually passive until you get too close for comfort... Hits hard and has large HP pool. Very good candidate for "confuse" spell. Detection radius very low in the dark, for stealth characters. High EXP gain for a kill, just make sure you have the room to fight them. Friendly to no NPC other than gnomes, who are the only NPC that doesn't make them angry. Trolls can be kited very early on with little speed due to there slow movement and small attention span.

They are found in The Mines often within set pieces, The Sand Labyrinth and as a common enemy in The Ruins as well in the Gnomish Mines and the Jungle Temple.

The stronger variant of the troll is know as "Thumpus the Troll". In addition to a larger hp pool and damage output, he usually spawns with a small group of gnomes by his side.

Drops: Trolls have been seen to drop assorted loot from books to rings when killed by players

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