If you haven't heard, Barony Cursed Edition beta is now out on Steam!! Obviously with all the new loot and graphics, as well as some new settings, features, possible items, spells, and so on. I have my work cut out for me on gathering information.

The characters and their attributes are essentially the same, the barbarians states are unchanged. However starting gear is a bit different. I will continue with updates as I go along.

!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!! If you're upgrading to Barony Cursed Edition from regular Barony, go into your Barony folder and delete the old savegame data. It crashes the game when you try to select new game.

Warning spoilers ahead! (obviously)

New Updates List

  • New graphics overhaul, everything is updated. 3D models, textures, lighting, sprites, everything.
  • New settings options.
    • Toggle minotaur.
    • Toggle traps.
    • Toggle hunger.
    • Toggle friendly fire.
    • Toggle cheats.
  • New hairstyles and character looks, includes new skin tones too!
  • Human followers will follow you to the next dungeon floor now!
  • Enemies will back off when you inflict high damage.
  • Multiplayer lobbies have been added!
    • Last update also added classic direct host/join for direct IP.
  • New map components!
    • Barony works by randomly adding preset maps.
    • Swamp area has more water now.
    • New castle-like structures in the mines.

Some screenshots of new texture designs! 

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