With the recently added save feature to the game, you can now save & quit to load that game back and continue, in case you need to go someplace. However when you die your save file is deleted, however I have come up with a way to SAVE PERMANENTLY!!

  • warning spoilers and cheats ahead

Now, for Indie Game Stand, and other various sites where Barony is sold. When you download and unzip/extract the files, you get a folder named "Barony (version 1.0.6 whatever)", inside that folder is the game .exe and the assets and the compilers, to the normal peasant (you guys) it's gibberish. But to a highly skilled game programmer like myself, it all means... GIBBERISH!

  • ahem* moving on, When you play the game it sends a message "autosaving" at the start of every level. If you, pause the game, look into the Barony folder, and then scroll through the objects, you will find a file marked "savegame.dat" this "DAT" file is your game. Simply copy and paste the savegame.dat to any old folder, then when you die (inevitably) just copy and paste your back up to the regular Barony folder. As for Steam users the concept is the same. However you will need to locate Barony inside your Steamapps folder.

Hope this helps, I personally use it for when I hit the final floor, kind of a check point lol!

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