This is just a sheet of ideas and concepts for implementation on the Barony Wikia moving forwards to further expand information on pages, revitalize and formalize old pages and reformat entire segments to make them more accessible to the public.

  • Induction of Monster pages in place of Category pages

Due to how search bars work, any and all non-special monsters cannot be searched for without the Category: pretext. Which is ineffective for searching by new users, as well as unhelpful for the layout of those pages. This is a big project, for each enemy, but I believe with the induction of more Monster races, that their conversion is needed.

  • Splitting pages like Baron Herx into the character and backstory from the boss battle itself.

There is a lot of lore behind Herx, and I think that itself could constitute a page. Plus the page itself is quite cluttered as it is.

  • Creating navboxes

Yeah! Navboxes for individual item types, classes and whatnot allows for mass-scale wiki mobility!

  • Alchemy to its own page

Potions are somewhat related, but the process of Alchemy can really deserve more justice in its own page.

More soon, I'm sure!


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