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Not to be confused with Vampire, the enemy type.

Vampires are a monster race option in Barony, introduced in the Myths and Outcasts DLC alongside three other monster races. Masters of the arcane, vampires come equipped with some of the best racial spells out of any monster race, but limited by their inability to digest most solid foods, as well as their issues with bodies of water, forcing a player to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.


Vampires have an exceptional pair of spells already learned when beginning their adventures into the dungeon, being Bloodletting and Levitation. Both are very late-game spells normally, dealing heavy damage and bypassing stubborn level generation to locations like the Gnomish Mines or Minetown. Even for non-caster classes, having a short burst of levitation enables many more opportunities that would otherwise be denied outright.

For having a great repertoire of spells at the beginning, Vampires are crippled by their unique hunger system. Like most other races, they need food to survive the dungeon. However, most forms of food are invalid to a vampire, requiring vials of blood to satisfy hunger instead. These vials only begin dropping if a vampire player is being used, dropped by most enemies at a low rate when killed, and being guaranteed when killed with a backstab or a blast of Bloodletting. There are a few exceptions, most notably from Skeletons, making Rats a very valuable enemy type early into the game. While polymorphed into a human, vampires may consume food like normal, and will be sickened by any blood they consume.

Water will also sear the flesh of a vampire when coming into contact with them, which includes both tiles of water while swimming or drinking from either a sink or a fountain. Levitation allows vampires to float over water to avoid damage, so keep that in mind when entering damp sections of the dungeon such as the Swamp.

To help with the cost of these spells, Vampires can convert their life force directly into mana if needed, allowing casting to continue even if their mana has depleted.

Social Standings[]

Vampires are very limited to whom they can ally with, being only able to work with other vampires and automatons. This means only the Citadel will provide any non-automaton party members, with a rare chance to finding a Young Vampire in the Ruins.

Since Vampires are a monster race, they are naturally targeted by both Humans and Shopkeepers, requiring a fight or a quick escape if they see the player.