Weapons are a group of items in Barony that can be found on all throughout the game. Enemies might be found wielding the weapons, and will drop them upon death. Weapons can also be found inside of treasure chests, Shops, and laying around out in the open.

Each weapon type is tied to a specific weapon skill, with four major groups of melee weapons (excluding Unarmed), and one collective group of ranged weapons. Using weapons of a specific type will level up the player's proficiency for the weapons type, increasing damage inflicted and often decreasing the chance for the weapon to degrade on use.

It is important to appraise weapons before using them, if the player equips a cursed weapon they will be unable to unequip the weapon until it breaks, or is somehow uncursed through Remove Curse scrolls, spells, or blessings. Blessed weapons will inflict more damage, and will take longer to break. Succubi and Incubi have this system reversed, being stuck to blessed items and not stuck to cursed ones. Automatons can freely unequip cursed items.

See Weapons Listing for a guide on a weapons type effectiveness.

Normal Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee combat in Barony allows the player to rapidly attack enemies my repeatedly pressing the attack button, dealing low damage quickly for moderate damage output. They can also charge up their melee swing by holding down the attack button, dealing increased damage in a "critical strike".

Attacking enemies from behind will deal more damage depending on the context. When they are unaware of the player, attacks to the back deals bonus damage in the form of a back stab. When they are fending off another attacker, attacking their back flanks their defenses for bonus damage.

Of all the melee weapons, the Whip is an oddity, being only equipped by the Punisher and not found anywhere in the dungeon like other melee weapons. It also has an extended melee reach, as well as being able to disarm enemies afflicted with certain status effects.

These types of weapons are listed below.

Image Name Weight Value Damage Skill
Quarter Staff
Quarter Staff 30 40g +5 Polearm
Bronze Sword 30 60g +5 Sword
Bronze Mace 30 60g +5 Mace
Bronze Axe 30 60g +5 Axe
Iron Spear 30 80g +6 Polearm
Iron Sword 30 80g +6 Sword
Iron Mace 30 80g +6 Mace
Iron Axe 30 80g +6 Axe
Steel Halberd 40 100g +7 Polearm
Steel Sword 40 100g +7 Sword
Steel Mace 40 100g +7 Mace
Steel Axe 40 100g +7 Axe
Crystal Spear 40 150g +11 Polearm
Crystal Sword 40 150g +11 Sword
Crystal Mace 40 150g +11 Mace
Crystal Axe 40 150g +11 Axe
Whip 20 100g +3 Ranged

Normal Ranged Weapons Edit

Ranged Weapons are far different to melee combat, requiring the player to hold down the attack button to draw and fire the shot of the ranged weapon without any option of spontaneous, quick hits. To trade off not being able to defend oneself effectively in melee combat, ranged weapons are connected by their ability to launch projectiles a fair distance away from the player to the target enemy, dealing with threats from a safe distance.

Excluding the Slingshot, each ranged weapon utilizes Arrows & Quivers to boost their damage and enhance the ranged weapon's shot by inflicting status effects. Without a quiver equipped, each weapon fires off a normal projectile. The rate of fire and range of the projectile varies between each type of ranged weapon, allowing some to trade in safety distance for better damage output, and vice versa.

Below is a list of all common ranged weapons.

Image Name Weight Value Damage Range Firing Speed
Slingshot 5 40g +5 Short ~1/1sec
Shortbow 20 76g +7 Medium ~1/1.25sec
Longbow 20 80g +11 Long ~1/1.50sec
Compound Bow 20 80g +10 Medium ~1/1sec
Crossbow 30 100g +8 Short ~1/.8sec
Arbalest 100 200g +17 Short ~1/2sec

Thrown Ranged Weapons Edit

In addition to the normal ranged weapons, throwable weapons are used from range and deal a substantial amount of damage. These items usually trade their quick fire rate and high damage output for the price of having to retrieve them after use. Players can charge up the attack of these weapons similarly to normal melee weapons, dealing more damage and increasing the distance thrown of the weapon. These types of weapons are listed below.

Image Name Weight Value Damage Range
Bronze Tomahawk 10 4 +6 11 Tiles
Iron Dagger 5 14 +8 11 Tiles
Steel Chakram 5 21 +10 11 Tiles
Crystal Shuriken 5 28 +12 11 Tiles

Arrows & QuiversEdit

Below is a list of arrows & quivers, which are used as an option ammunition for bows. Arrows use the ranged skill. See the main article Arrows for more information about collecting arrows, and how to use them. 

Image Name Weight Value

(Per Arrow)

Damage Effects
Crystal Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +6 High damage.
Fire Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +2 Inflicts Burning status effect on hit enemies. Illuminates hit walls.
Hunting Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +2 Inflicts Slow, Poison, and nausea which can cause vomiting. Deals bonus damage against non-humanoid creatures.
Piercing Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +4 Pierces enemy armor.
Silver Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +2 Deals bonus damage against demonic and undead enemies.
Springshot Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 9g +4 Knocks back enemies away.
Swift Ammo 1+(1 per 5 arrows after 5) 10g -2 Reduces interval between readying the arrow and firing, increasing fire rate (By about half a second). Does not affect crossbow.

Magic WeaponsEdit

Lost to the ages, Magic Weapons serve as the artifact equivalent of weapons. Each one is rarely found inside the dungeon, requiring the player to get lucky with finding mini-bosses, completing the Minotaur Maze, or playing as the Hunter.

Every weapon type except Unarmed has one Magic Weapon representative, having a unique special effect that scales with weapon proficiency as well as never being able to degrade or break. Most Magic Weapons do require the player to repair them however, often being worn or decrepit when first found. Here is a list of all the magical weapons of legend!

Image Name Weight Value Damage Skill Bonus
Dyrnwyn 30 500g +11 blessed +1 Sword Inflicts burn status and smites demonic and undead monsters.
Sharur 0 500g +11 blessed +1 Mace Speaks to the player occasionally giving hints or clues to secrets. Increases mana regeneration.
Gungnir 0 500g +11 blessed +1 Polearm Always does max damage, does not vary in damage. Able to pierce enemy defense.
Parashu 30 500g +11 blessed +1 Axe Randomly deals increased damage, slowing the enemy when doing so.
Khryselakatos 0 500g +16 Ranged


Able to fire off random quiver arrows instead of normal arrows.
Boomerang 10 50g +6 Ranged Returns to the player a short while after being thrown.
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