Zap Brigadeer
The Zap Brigade is a group of people who hunt minotaurs, armed with mage staves of lightning. They're supposedly in cahoots with Merlin. They will appear just before the minotaur shows up, and relentlessly hunt it down. But, they can also appear in groups when using a +2 scroll of summoning. Their staffs can be picked up when they die, and the can be recruited by the player with a high enough leadership skill.

If you are a beast race, and the ZAP Brigade arrive before the minotaur, it can be a double threat, seeing as humans attack beast races, and the minotaur will attack any player regardless of race.

"They call themselves the "ZAP Brigade" and wield mighty staffs of lightning, with which they apparently patrol the caves in small squads ranging in size from just a few individuals all the way up to nine. Their signature calling card is the loud fanfare they seem to play whenever they introduce themselves to someone." ~Mage Guildmaster

"Of particular note about the ZAP Brigade is that they pride themselves in hunting down and destroying wild minotaurs; an impressive feat to speak of for sure, but one that this author cannot confirm." ~Mage Guildmaster 

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